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TLC-Techni Light


The Techni-Light, exclusively from TechniQuip, is the system for providing even diffused illumination.  With the WTL lamp the color temperature is 6000ËšK simulating natural white daylight.  Special electronic circuitry makes TechniQuip's Techni-Light's ideal for frame grabbers and machine vision system.

Each Techni-Light is treated with a baked on enamel which seals against particulate contamination making it useful in clean rooms.  Techni-Lights come with rubber tipped thumbscrews that provide simple and versatile mounting eliminating the need for adapters in most situations.  These Tehni-Lights clamp on to lenses from sizes 1.25" to 2.15" , and up to 2.6" with set screws.  Special and custom threaded microscope adapters are available.  Each Tehni-Light has a modular construction which permits easy repairs and lamp replacement.  All Techni-Light models are backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty (excluding lamp).  Techni-Light's lamp life is over 4600 hours.

TLC-3 Techni-Light Features:

  1. Optional ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) Coating

  2. ESD Option Is Available IN Black Only

  3. Detachable Modular Cable

  4. Instant Start Electonic Ballast

TLC-4 Techni-Light Features:

  1. Instant Start Electronic Ballast

  2. High Frequency

  3. Variable Output

  4. Intensity Adjustments

  5. Regulated Power Unit

  6. Detachable Modular Cable (3" standard-longer length available)

TLC-5 Techni-Light Features:

  1. Optional ESD (Electric Static Discharge) Coating.

  2. ESD Option Is Available In Black Only

  3. Fixed Output

  4. Plugs Ino Wall (Optional 240 Vac Ballast is "in line")

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