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Fibre Optic Light Guides



  • Highly adjustable "stay put" light source.

  • Excellent cold light source.

  • No additional charge for focusing lenses.

  • Quick turn-around on specials.






1.Ideal illumination for close inspection. 
2.Focusable lens allows for variable spot adjustment.
3.Large fiber bundle assures maximum transmission of intense white light
4.Highest quality glass fiber optics.
5.Precision metal fittings at each end of light guide.
6.Standard obedient sheathing offers "stay-put" positioning.
7.Choice of sheathing-type, interlocking stainless steel or PVC monicoil. (flexible)
8.Light guides can be manufactured to specific customer length requirements
9.Light guide have standard sized end tip for compatibility.


Model Number Sheathing Pipe Length Bundle Size
SPL Obedient SS 18" .23"
SPL-24 Obedient SS 24: .23"
DPL Obedient SS 18" .30"
DPL-24 Obedient SS 24" .30"
SGL PVC Monocoil (Flexible) 36" .23"
VHG-36* Stanless Steel (Flexible) 36" .40"
VILG-48* Stanless Steel (Flexible) 48" .40"

All light guides can be manufacued to customer specification.
* No Focus lens provided with the VILG.

Working Distance  Max. Spot Size Min Spot Size
3" 3" 1.00"
6" 5" 1.87"
9" 7" 2.50"

Spot size specification apply to our standard len

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