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Fibre Optic Illuminators



  • Excellent cold light source.

  • Full annulus for continuous even lighting

  • Machined aluminum & anodized for durability.

  • Can be used in clean rooms.

  • Complete range of adapters to fit most microscope


Model Number FOI - 150 FOI-150A+
Power/Frequency 120VAC 60 Hz.* 120VAC 60 Hz*
Fuse 2 Amps "Slo-Blo" 2 Amps "Slo - Blo"
Lamp Type EKE 21 Volt 150 Watt Halogen EJA 21 Volt 150 Watt Halogen
Lamp Life 200 Hrs.Min 40 Hrs Min. **
Lamp Color Temperature 3200 K(at full output) 3350 k(at full output)
Output Aperture 5/8"9.625"ID)Standard*** 5/8"(.625"ID)Standard***
Dimensions 7.5"L x 7"W x 6.5"H 7.5"Lx7"Wx6.5"H
Weight 7.5 1bs. 7.5 1bs
Warranty 30 months Parts & Labor (except Lamp) 30 months Parts & Labor (except lamp)

FOI-150A is a higher output version yielding 25% increased illumination.
*Available in 120V,220V or100V(for Japan) versions at no additional charge.
**Longer lamp life obtainable,2,000 hours at 50% output.
***Other sizes available upon request.

1.Heat dissipation through improved venting.
2.Minimal light loss and reduced light spill.
3.A single "On/Off Intensity "control switch to increase lamp life.
4.150 Watt quartz halogen lamp with integral dichroic reflector focuses the maximum light intensity onto the fiber optic bundle while reducing the IR wavelengths
5.Front-mounted output aperture to accommodate a variety of light guides, secured by socket cap screws to ensure a lock fit.
6.Easy access to lamp facilitates replacements without tools. The access door features a captive screw to prevent loss.
7.Rear mounted snap-out fuse.
8.Heavy duty all mental construction, balanced to accommodate the use of heavy light guide accessories
9.Ball-bearing fan for reduce vibration, reduced noise and extended equipment life.
10.Can be place on the end for reduced table space.

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