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Video Crosshair Generator

DCG 100A



  • Single, double line & box generators.

  • Adjustable crosshairs

  • Compatible with existing video systems

  • High performance and value


Signal Input Format:NTSC,RS-170(525 line system)
Video Input Levels (NTSC and S-Video) 75 Ohm termination Video:0.7v p-p Sync:0.3v p-p
Chroma Input Level 300mv p-p into 75 Ohms
Video Signals Centered single SOLID line crosshair Centered single DASHED line crosshair
Video Output Levels Luminance:1.0vp-p@ 750hms             
Chroma:300mv p-p@75 Ohms 
Input Power 115VAC,60 Hz/220VAC,50Hz
Output Power +12vDC@ 800 ma MAX (via 2.5mm phone jack)
Controls (Front Panel) Power (on/off) w/red LED indicator; Matte Level (black ~ white); Line Style (dashed/solid/none)
I/O Connectors ( Rear Panel) 1 ea.BNC for NTSC ; 1 ea 4-pin mini-Din for S-video (Y/C)
Dimensions Length:7 3/8"(18.73cm) , Width:5 1/2"(13.97cm) , Height:2.375"(6.03cm)
warranty 12 month

Other Model Specifications

  CHG-1 CHG-2 DA Y/C
Input: Composite video .7-1.4V p-p/75 ohms Composite video .7-1.4V p-p/75 ohms Composite video .7-1.4V p-p/75 ohms
Output: Composite video 1.4 V p-p/75 ohms Composite Video 1.4V p-p/75 ohms Composite video 1.4V p-p/75 ohms
Bandwidth: Greater then 12 MHz Greater than 12 MHz Greater than 12MHz
Controls: Power, On-Off; 
White-Off-Black    Vertical Positioning;  
Horizontal Positioning ;   Intensity
Power, On-Off ;     White-off-Black (#1) ;     Intensity ;   
White-Off-Black (#2) ;     Vertical Positioning(#2);     Horizontal Positioning (#2)


Power, On-Off ;     
White-Off-Black ;        
Vertical Positioning ;     
Single X&Y, Double X&Y, 
Box Horizontal Size
Input/Output: BNC BNC BNC (also 4 pin mini-Din)
Line Movement: 100% of screen, in each axis 100% of screen all four (4) lines 90% of screen,             
in each axis
Power Source: AC 117V, 60Hz, Approx. 10 watts or, (220V, 50Hz upon request) AC 117V, 60Hz,                                     Approx. 10 watts or, (220V, 50Hz upon request)  AC 117V, 60Hz,                                Approx. 10 watts or, 
(220V, 50Hz upon request) 
Dimensions 8.5"(W), 2.25"(H), 10.5"(D) 8.5"(W), 2.25"(H), 10.5"(D) 8.5"(W), 2.25"(H),10.5"(D)
Weight Under 4 pounds Under 4 pounds Under 4 pounds
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