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Super Scope PS-888

Model PS888/888L

The PS-888 is the perfect analytical microscope for use as prober Machine or Laser cutter with the PS-888L.
Apochromat and infinity Super Long Working Distance Objectives lenses are designed all in one objective lens which enable to use from visible wavelength through IR wavelength application. In addition to these objectives having very long working distances (15mm at 100x). This feature enables the user to fire a TAG laser (Green) through the objective , or use an IR Camera or IR band path filter to see through the semiconductor material without switching to specially designed NIR objective lens.

Typef (mm)Working DistanceNumerical Aperture
1.M.Plan APO 2.5 SB80.032.00.06
2.M.Plan APO  5  SB40.035.10.15
3.M.Plan APO 10 SB20.036.90.25
4.M.Plan APO 20 SB10.022.00.40
5.M.Plan APO 35 SB5.721.70.42
6.M.Plan APO 50 SB4.018.30.45
7.M.Plan APO 100 SB2.014.10.55




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