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Super Scope PS999

Model PS999

Image titleThe PS-999 is the perfect analytical microscope for use as prober in the semi conductor & LCD Field.
Ultra-Long Working Distance Infinity-Corrected Design with an emphasis on high resolution: Images through glass can be clearly observer by using lenses that are specially design for LCD Applications

(35x, 50x, 100x mag.available).

The revolutionary PS-999 is the first of its kind in the market

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MagnificationWorking DistanceNumerical Aperture
1.M.Plan APO 2.5 SLWD2.5x32.50.07
2.M.Plan APO 5 SLWD5x450.15
3.M.Plan APO 10 SLWD10x380.3
4.M.Plan APO 20 SLWD20x21.50.4
5.M.Plan APO 35 SLWD35x200.45
6.M.Plan APO 35 LCD35x200.451.1mm glass compensation
7.M.Plan APO 50 SLWD50x170.55
8.M.Plan APO 50 LCD50x170.551.1mm glass compensation
9.M.Plan APO 100 SLWD100x150.65
10.M.Plan APO 100 LCD100x150.651.1mm glass compensation


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