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Biological Microscope

Model SB-B1-1C

  • Monocular (SB-Mo) & Trinocular (SB-TR) (Switching type) available.

  • Photography/TV Camera can be mounted on Trinocular type.

  • For more detail, please refer to the BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE brochure.


  1. Dioptric Adjustable Eyepiece (HWF 10X D.A.)

  2. Eyepieces HWF6X (FN 19) & 15X (FN 12)

  3. Mirror illuminator /Wood Carrying Case

  4. Reticles (The following options are only applicable  to SB-BI-1 & SB-TR only.)

  5. Phase Contrast Kit/Darkfield Condenser

  6. Objectives PL-4X(WD 22mm), PL-10X(WD 3.5mm), PL-40X(S) (WD 0.45mm), PL-100X(S) oil(WD 0.13mm)

Total Magnification Range 40X, 100X, 400X, 1000X
Mechanical Tube Length 160mm
Tube 30 degree, inclined binocular tube interpupillary distance adjustment 55~75mm on both tubes.  Dioptric adjustment on left tubes, 360 degree rotatable
Eyepieces HWF-10X (FN 16.5X pair)
Nosepiece Quadruple with click stops
Objective (Din type) 4X(WD 14mm), 10X(WD 5.5mm), 40X(S)(WD 0.6mm), 100X(S)oil(WD 0.15mm)      Options: PL-4X(WD 22mm), PL-10X(WD 3.5mm),  PL-40X(S)(WD 0.4mm), PL-100(S)oil(WD 0.13mm)             
Focus Adjustment Coaxial type / Coarse & Fine adjustment (2mm travel / 0.002 mm sensitivity with safety stopper)
Mechanical Stage 120mm X 122mm with coaxial hanble, Travel / 35mm X 75mm
Illuminator 6V/20W Halogen Lamp Transmitted illuminaor with intensity regularor (low voltage 6V/3.5A,)  Built-in Transformer 100VAC or 115-120VAC or 220-240VAC
Condenser Abbe type N.A.1.20 condenser with iris diaphragm, filter Rack & Pinion focusing mechanism
Cover Plastic dust cover
Dimension 380mm(H)X300mm(D)X210mm(W))
Weight 7.2kg
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