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Fluorescent Ring Lamp

Model 90-B-SZ

Visual Inspection In Quality Control, Orecision Inspection And In Assembly Of Miniature Parts And Components

DSK 8092 Electronic Power Supply Specification

The DSK 8092-100V is designed specially for lamp 80-B and 92-B operation.

Ring lamp 80-B and 80-A

Ring Lamp 92-B and 92-A

1. Input

Input voltage

AC 100V plus minu

10% 50/60 Hz

Input current



2. Output

Lamp current

210 mA

Lamp voltage



Operating cycle

24 KHz Hi frequency

Lamp input

8 Watt

10 Watt

3. Environment

Room Temperature

10° - 35°C

Room Humidity

35% - 90 % RH

4. Isolation

High Voltage Test

AC - 1500V 1 minutes (between Input lines and Ground)

Insulation Resistance

Over 100M 0hm/DC-500V (between Input lines and ground)

5. Lamplife

2 hrs & 50 minutes "on" and 10 minutes "ff" repeating

about 4000 hours

15 sec. "on" and 45 sec. "off" repeating

250,000 times

The Type of Standard Lamp and its Characteristics

Lamp Type No. Colour Temperature Spectrum Distribution  Peak Spectrum Application
80-B WW
92-B WW
(Warm White)
3200 K° - 3950 K° 4000 A° - 7200 A° 5800 A° Standard White for usual application
80-B WW
92-B WW
5300 K° - 8000 K° 4000 A° - 72000 A° 4600 A°
5800 A°
Bluish colour fit to be used for inspection of metal surface
Warm White (WW) Daylight (D)


Dimension of Lamp and Reflector (mm)


Ring outer-dia. : 80mm 80-B Reflector  
Ring outer-dia. : 92mm 92-B Reflector  
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