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Digital Push-Pull Force Gauge

Model DTG Series

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MODEL-DTG Series (capacity : 1kgf.10N~100kgf.1000N)

This DTG series digital push-pull force gage has been developed to meet the requirements of various users who have been using our historical gages with consideration of useful functions and easy maintenance.  It is designed to meet various purposes on different conditions and occasions with high response speed, guaranteed accuracy, convenience and easy operation, durable and handy design.  Its large and bright display is easy to see and also reversible.  The accuracy (linearity) is assured based on our special method of calibration confirming on both tension and compression directions.

ModelCapacityResolution Cable (Option)
DTG-110N, 1kfg, 2.205Lb0.001N, 0.1g, 0.001Lb
DTG-220N, 2kfg, 4.409Lb0.01N, 1g, 0.01LbDTO-1Analog output cable
DTG-550N, 5kfg, 11.02Lb0.01N, 1g, 0.01LbDTO-2Standard control cable
DTG-10100N, 10kfg, 22.049Lb0.01N, 1g, 0.01LbDTO-3External control cable
DTG-20200N, 20kfg, 44.09Lb0.1N, 10g, 0.01LbDTO-4Mitutoyo Digimatic input cable
DTG-50500N, 50kfg, 110.2Lb0.1N, 10g, 0.1LbDTO-5Mitutoyo printer output cable
DTG-1001000N, 100kfg, 220.5Lb0.1N, 10g, 0.1LbDTO-6Test stand connection cable
DTG -series Specifications
°Measuring UnitM6
°Measuring Accuracy±.2% F.S
°Measuring unitN, kgf(gf), Lb
°Measuring Cycle1ms,5ms,16ms,50ms(selectable)
°Display renewal Cycle1,2,5,10,20 times per sec. (selectable)
°Communication methodUSB mini B
°Memory1000 data
°External Input

Mitutoyo digimatic Input, pulse Input(Displacement meter), point ON, OFF load detection input

°Printer OutputUSB output, Mitutoyo digimatic output
°Output for test stand

Load setting/dispalcement setting method UP *DOWN*STOP output , overload output (open collector output)

°Analogy output± 2V of Full scale (load value only)
°Tolerance Judgement Output

Low. Good. High LED lighting and output (open collector output)


45mm X 50mm LCD                                                            Battery Remain quantity                  

°Operating Temperature0 ~ +40° C
°Power sourceNi-MH battery
°Standard Accessories

7 pcs jig, a multi AC adapter, USB cable, plastic carrying, operational manual, Test Certificate

DTG - Feature
â—‹ Large and easy view display with reversible function

â—‹ Insert & pull-out test by axis

â—‹ GO/NOGO judgement by lamp indication ( & output)

â—‹ High speed communication (USB) is possible

â—‹ Auto-power off function

â—‹ High accuracy is assured based on our special calibration method







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