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MU-1 m/MU-01Z
scale graduation: 0.001mm or
0.0001"accuracy according to
company standard various measuring pressures

MU-10 m/MU-1Z
scale graduation: 0.01 mm or
0.001mmaccuracy according to DIN 878 various measuring pressures

Micro comparator (F-1000) 
scale graduation: 0.001 mm
measuring range: 0.05 mm
accuracy according to DIN 879
various measuring pressures

measuring range: 12.5 mm or
0,5"resolution: 0.01 mm/0.001 mm (0.0005" 0.00005") 
LCD digital display
can be switched from mm to inch
data output: opto-RS232
model MDU-A with traffic-light display
model MDU-M with min/max
function (only for split-ball and plunger probes) 

Analodig (ANA)
measuring range: 0.2 mm
digital/0.05 mm analog 
resolution: 0,001 mm
optional with output similar to
RS232 and min/max-function

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