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Chamfer Gauge

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Measuring surface and taper made of hardened steel scale graduation of indicators: 0.01 mm calibration at factory or via setting master. Special designs on request.

Internal taper gauge (IKT)

Direct gauging of major diameter of internal tapers or tapered slots models with 60°, 90° and 127° taper range of application: 0.5 mm to 120 mm measuring range: 11.5 mm for 60° taper/19.5 mm for 90° and 127°taper

External taper gauge (AKT)

Direct gauging of minor diameter of external taper models with 60° 90°and 127°
plungers range of application: 5 mm to 120 mm measuring range: 11 mm for 60°
plunger/19.5 mm for 90 °and 127° plunger (except for size 1)

Chamfer gauge (KT/KT-B)

Direct gauging of 45° chamfers on rectangular and cylindrical work, even bores or slots measuring range: chamfers up to 7 mm (radii 1 mm up to 9.5 mm via conversion)  chamfers in bores from 28 mm

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